2017 TD Art Gallery Paint-In
Juror Application

Application Deadline: April 1st, 2017

Event Date:
 July 15th, 2017 

Address: 1040 Moss Street Victoria BC V8V 4P1

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 TD Art Gallery Paint-In!

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is seeking 1 Community Juror to join our Paint-In Jury panel to select this years 30th Annual TD Art Gallery Paint-In participants.

The Paint-In Jury will also be asked to choose a number of long-standing artists to participate in a Special Exhibition for the Paint-In’s 30 year anniversary.

Jurors must include the following in their application:
- 200 – 400 word Statement of Intent for their involvement in this year's TD Art Gallery Paint-In, outlining any relevant past experience in the art community.

Please also include a CV or Resume.

The following is an outline of the General Criteria for artist selection:
- Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer;
- Creativity and originality of the depicted theme;
- Quality of artistic composition, overall design and technical execution;
- Overall impression of the art;
- Appeal of the demonstration activity for the public.

Please note that all jurors are to adhere to standard conflict of interest guidelines. IE: they must not have a personal or professional relationship with any of the applicants of the TD Art Gallery Paint-In. Additionally, they may only apply to the TD Art Gallery Paint-In as a juror OR artist, but not both.

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Please provide a 200 – 400 word Statement of Intent outlining your past involvement and intention for this year’s Paint-In and a brief description of their involvement in the arts community.
Thank you for your application! 

Your application will be reviewed by a jury.

We will contact you regarding your application by April 2017.

Until then, stay updated on the TD Art Gallery Paint-In and other Art Gallery Engagement projects at www.aggv.ca

Any questions? Please contact paint-in@aggv.ca.

See you on July 15th!
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